Thursday, November 08, 2007

Candidate Review - Fair Trade - John McCain

John McCain doesn't have a section on Economics, he has a section on Government Spending. The full title is "Government Spending, Lower Taxes and Economic Prosperity" which I guess does cover Free Trade. And make no mistake, John McCain is about Free Trade, not Fair Trade.
A global rising tide of economic isolationism is threatening our entrepreneurs. Opening new markets is a key to U.S. economic success. Today, despite all the defeatist rhetoric, America is the world's biggest exporter, importer, producer, saver, investor, manufacturer and innovator. Americans do not shy from the challenge of competition: they welcome it. Because of that, we attract foreign investment from all over the world. Our government should welcome competition as our people do, and not pretend that we can wall off our economy.

Neither should we fail to recognize that competition can lead to painful dislocations for some individuals. We must remain committed to education, retraining, and help for displaced workers all the while reminding ourselves that our ability to change is a great strength of our nation.
Hmmmm. But if I check page 45 of the Conservative Hymnal doesn't it say something about how it's not Governments job to take care of people cradle to grave? I mean shouldn't those workers, displaced by McCains free trade policies, pull themselves up by their bootstraps?

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