Thursday, November 01, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Rudy Giuliani

Some of you will be excited to know that excerpts from Rudy's recent appearance on the Glen Beck Show are available. One can presume that Rudy mentioned 9/11, but I have a job to do and it doesn't include wasting time reading that interview.

Like others, Giuliani doesn't have a section on foreign policy, rather he has a section on the War on Terror.
Rudy Giuliani believes winning the war on terror is the great responsibility of our generation. America cannot afford to go back to the days of playing defense, with inconsistent responses to terrorist attacks, because weakness only encourages aggression. Americans want peace. We’re at war not because we want to be, but because the terrorists declared war on us—well before the attacks of September 11th. Rudy understands that freedom is going to win this war of ideas. America will win the war on terror.
Ah - good news. Apparently we just have to sit around and wait for freedom to get in gear and win the war on terror for us.

Actually this is good strategic planning on Rudy's part. Terrorism is an abstract concept, a tactic. How do you defeat an abstract concept? Send in another abstract concept!

Like other republicans, Rudy sees diplomacy as not worth mentioning. Not sure I buy that.

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