Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Candidate Review - Fair Trade - Dennis Kucinich

This weeks subject is free trade/fair trade. I like fair trade as a concept a bit better, but the basic question is how we should engage the rest of the world on a trade basis. First up? Dennis Kucinich. Who does not seem to be a fan of free trade. He hasn't fleshed out his policy yet, although he promises to do so. Currently, under the heading "Saving Capitalism" is this phrase.
As President, Dennis Kucinich will end America's participation in NAFTA and the WTO. Huge, multi-national corporations ship American jobs overseas, turn a blind eye to human rights abuses and hide behind their lobbyists in Washington.
Not sure exactly how that is going to save capitalism. I mean you can connect some dots; by making capitalism more humane you keep the people from destroying it. But it's pretty inhumane now, and people don't seem inclined to rise up. So I don't know. Perhaps we'll learn more when he finishes off this section, but by that time I will surely have forgotten that I care.

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