Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Candidate Review - Health Care - Dennis Kucinich

Well Kucinich avoids mentioning the Congressional Health Plan - he's got something better. Single payer.
America's patchwork of for-profit, private insurers waste billions of dollars on spending that has nothing to do with paying for care. Elaborate underwriting, billing, sales and marketing divert huge amounts of money away from delivering health care. Huge profits and staggering compensation for the insurance companies' top executives and CEO's.

To cope with the endless bureaucracy of private insurers, health care providers maintain huge administrative staffs. The administration of the health care system today consumes approximately 31% of the money spent for health care. The potential savings, as much as $350 billion per year, are enough to provide comprehensive coverage to every American without paying any more than we already do.

In Congress, Representative Dennis Kucinich has co-authored HR 676, legislation which would establish Medicare for All - a universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care system that leaves no American behind.
Either Kucinich isn't ready for the Country or the Country isn't ready for Kucinich.

Probably the latter.

At any rate this is pretty clearly socialized medicine, and Kucinich isn't ashamed to make it clear what he's doing. You kind of have to admire him for that.

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