Thursday, November 01, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter, like the bulk of the 2nd tier candidates, favors a more military based Foreign Policy. He does have a very large section on this actually. Let's pick out some highlights.
I believe in peace through strength. I believe in a policy that supports U.S. interests by spreading freedom within the limits of U.S. capability. I also believe in ending the one-way street on trade.
Very simple and straightforward, with some key words. Such as "within the limits of U.S. capability." That translates to "We can bomb the hell out of nations but we can't do a damn thing about human rights." And of course that list bit marks him as at least open to economic isolationism.

He confirms this by arguing that the Bush administration has been working too closely with the Mexican and Canadian Government. He is also almost as concerned about boarder security as Tom Tancredo. But he's not a one note candidate. He also dislikes treaties.
Treaties that infringe on basic U.S. sovereignty should be rejected while international treaties that rein in tyrants may be of value.
That's a pretty fine line isn't it? Oh and it's reign.

America is good so should not be bound by treaties, but if punks in other parts of the world will let themselves be bound by treaties, there's nothing wrong with that. It's Bush's unilateralism more or less.

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