Thursday, November 01, 2007

Candidate Review - Foreign Policy - Fred Thompson

By the number Fred has a by the numbers response on Foreign Policy. He is starting to strike me as the "safe" candidate for conservatives. He's not given to cross dressing or fits of temper or being a Mormon. That said, he's not given to being all that exciting (so far) either.

His statement on the War on Terror is pretty straight forward.
The first responsibility of government is to protect the American people, the homeland, and our way of life. Today we face the urgent threat of radical Islamic terrorists. Al Qaeda is committed to attacking us here at home, and wants to use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to kill millions. We must never give them that opportunity. We must defeat the terrorists abroad, and that begins in Iraq and Afghanistan—the central fronts in this global war. We must show the world we have the will to fight and win. A weakened America - or an America that appears weaker - will only encourage further attacks. We must persevere. As Commander-in-Chief, the president must ensure the United States has the means to achieve victory. Presidential leadership requires talking to the American people about these stakes, mapping out a clear vision for success, and devising a comprehensive strategy for achieving it.
Hard to argue with this (if you are a Republican).

He does also note that he does want to strengthen or alliance by committing to "A strengthened system of global alliances to better combat terrorists, proliferators, and traditional threats to our interests." I don't know how he is going to build alliances with people pissed off at what President Bush had done while continuing to do pretty much what President Bush has done. Won't that just continue to piss them off?

Edited to add - Apparently I forgot to capture Thompson's view s on Abortion last week, and of course I forgot Wilson because I was not aware of his existence, so look forward to that tomorrow.

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