Monday, November 05, 2007

Hillary Clinton vs. Rush Limbaugh

Kevin McCullough's latest article takes an unusual tack - he asks Talk Radio to lay off of Ms. Clinton. Not what you normally expect, but he makes a good case for it. Hillary Clinton can't lose fighting conservative talk radio. Conservative talk radio's audience is not in play for Clinton anyway and the argument gains her sympathy (and shores up her liberal credentials such as they are).

Of course what's a Conservative article about Hillary without a little misogyny.
Women - vote irrationally. Some women will be offended by the observation but most will agree, women do not vote according to what they know. They tend instead to vote based on intuition. They get "a feeling" about a candidate and that's what they trust.
Thank you McCullough. But some woman might not actually agree with this, particularly if you exclude Ann Coulter from your survey.

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