Thursday, July 06, 2006

Your Blog-O-Fascist Speaks

I have been inspired by something I read at The Goblin's Lair (Random Goblin's Website). Apparently there is a new version of the Statue of Liberty in which she holds up a Cross (over her head) and the Ten Commandments in her other hand. It got me thinking - this might be a good way to memoralize your beloved blog-o-fascist (by which I mean myself).

Of course in the Make Me a Commentator!!! Statue of Liberty, she will hold over her head one of those cell phones you can surf the web with? It will, naturally, be tuned to this website, and I expect it to be completely functional, so that the statue will update itself as I update this website.

In the other hand, held down on her hips will be either a vinyl copy of Neil Young's On the Beach or the text of the poem "Terrence, this is stupid stuff."

So get to work building that my minions! Remember you basically have to do what I say, or "face the consequences"(TM). And let me know when you get it done.

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