Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Terrorist Times Strikes Again!

Once again our beloved fourth estate has taken the time to stab us in the back! It has released information on the National Asset Database, which informs terrorists exactly which targets in the United States we are keeping an eye on.

For example the terrorists might not have known that Indiana had 50% more potential terrorist targets than New York, and twice as many potential terrorist targets as California! Now they do.

They might think Massachusetts or New Jersey would have a lot of targets, but now they know that Montana has more targets than either state (1,385 compared to 764 for Massachusetts and 904 for New Jersey).

Imagine how foolish they must feel, planning an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge or Rockerfeller Center, when they could take out a petting zoo in Woodville Alabama or the Sweetwater Flea Market in Tennessee (only 50 miles from Knoxville).

Thank you New York Times for tipping our hand in this manner. Now some of you might say the Times was only reporting on a report issued by the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security. So what! The fact of the matter is that the times shouldn't be "reporting" on stuff that might help terrorists. Maybe the terrorists don't pay so much attention to the Office of Homeland Security, you ever think of that? Maybe they figure all they have to do is read the New York Times and it will give them all the information they need!

Frankly I don't know why we need Newspapers at all. If even one shred of evidence presented in the Terrorist Times helps the Terrorists, isn't that too high a price to pay?

I say it is!

Also I suspect this whole Blog-O-Fascist thing might be going to my head.

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