Thursday, July 06, 2006

Let's Go Punch A Reporter!

Wouldn't that be fun? Here's my plan. First I punch the reporter in the face. A bit cliche, I know, but it works. Than, in a nod to the avant garde, I plan on punching him in the right shoulder. Then the left shoulder, twice. Finally I will wrap all this up with a quick punch to the right forearm.

I haven't picked the reporter yet, but according to this article I read at Unclaimed Territory (by Glenn Greenwald), I should soon have a veritable online catalogue of reporters I could punch.
This thuggish tactic of intimidation -- publicly railing against someone's grave crimes and then publishing their home address -- has been creeping out of the most extremist precincts on the Right and is becoming increasingly common among mainstream right-wing individuals and organizations.

This weekend, prominent neoconservative David Horowitz proclaimed that the United States is fighting a war and "the aggressors in this war are Democrats, liberals and leftists." In particular, he cited the now infamous NYT Travel section article on Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld's vacation homes as evidence that the employees of the NYT are among the enemies in this war, and he then linked to and recommended as a "proposal for action" this post from his associate, Front Page contributor Rocco DiPippo. The post which Horowitz recommended was entitled "Where Does Punch Sulzberger Live?" and this is what it said:
I issue a call to the blogosphere to begin finding and publicly listing the addresses of all New York Times reporters and editors. Posting pictures of their residences, along with details of any security measures in place to protect the properties and their owners (such as location of security cameras and on-site security details) should also be published.
Great eh? So soon my visions of punching a reporter will be easy to bring to life. Except, wait a minute. Isn't punching a reporter wrong? Darn Sunday School. And Civics Class. I'll bet it is wrong to punch a reporter. Even if you do it artistically. I guess I'd better hold off, and, my Blog-O-Minions, you must hold off as well. Or "face the consequences"(TM).

We'll just have to hope that everybody who gets access to this information (which will include, well, everybody with internet access) has the same kind of moral compass as your beloved Blog-O-Fascist.

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