Monday, July 24, 2006

McCain vs. Lieberman

This is an interesting study of contrasts. Republicans want to slam Democrats for not loving and upholding their moderates (like Lieberman). And they want to slam their moderates (like McCain).

Meanwhile the Democrats want to slam Republicans for not loving and upholding their moderates. And we want to slam our moderates.

So there is some commonality among the parties. Debra J. Saunders notes this fact in her latest article, but of course she leaves out the negative feelings her party has for McCain.

She wants to paint Democrats, not comment on a relatively simply political calculation. You want people to come towards your position in politics. If a Republican moves towards my position, I like that. If a Democrat moves away from my position, I don't like that. Lieberman has moved away from his political bearings; he has sided with the President again and again. He has disdained his own party many times. And he continues to support our insane policy in the middle east. And he's threatened to run as an independent if he doesn't get the nomination, which is his right, but which would also weaken our chances in Connecticut.

So I don't think he is someone the party owes loyalty too, just because there is a (D) after his name.

That said, if he defeats Lamont, I hope he gets reelected.

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