Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Other people have stuff to say

I should have checked out the comments on that last article before I posted - they are all gems. The first two try to be reasonable from an economic point of view.
Half of investment is the return, the other half is the REASON for investing. If you're throwing money out just to get more, you're missing the big picture. Why help China buy more weapons when you can help improve the economy in our OWN country?

Here is why I dont invest overseas. Enron, World Com, Adelphia, etc. Its hard enought to find honest companys here with our accounting laws (Arthur Anderson) and you want me to invest in Telefono de Mexico?
But then we get this great analysis of Soccer.
Oh yes - FVCK soccer

Those foriegn pvssy drama queens can kick balls - big DEAL. They svck, as general athletes, however.

And they are big, hissy, nancy third-rate drama beeyiches, when they screw up. I mean, they flop on the ground and wail.
I can understand her using the V in FVUK but SVCK? Is that really that controversial a word?

Finally we check in with what our founding fathers would say if they were still alive and doped out of their minds.
Here we go - more Globalism

Here we go - let's invest overseas, becasue most of Amercan industries have been moved overseas. Largely due ot American tax-payer FUNDED tax bennies, designed to benefit those who DO move overseas. Thuse, american taxpayers have been FORCED to pay to move their jobs out of the ocuntry.

We must invest, because there's no other CHOICE.

I believe in the vision of the Founders. Time to start HANGING the traitors.
I'm not sure which traitors our founders would want us to hang, but just for safeties sake, I suggest we start with . . . you know, I'd probably better not finish that particular joke.

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