Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More on McCain

I love reading the comments at Townhall, as I think you know by now. And many of them seem to agree with Weyrich that McCain and Guliani aren't the best things that could happen to them.
Wolfgrogan writes:
McCain - No Way!

I would never vote for McCain.

He is a leader of the Senate "Sell-outs" who want to give Amnesty and other free benefits to Illegal Invaders.

He should feel lucky we are not charging him with treason. He needs to live up to his Oath of Office and enforce our borders and our laws.

He certainly ought not be President!
Yeah I'm sure McCain thanks his lucky stars that he's not on trial for treason. Frankly to listen to some of our republican friends, it's hard to imagine who they wouldn't want to put on trial for treason.

But my favorite comment comes from Jak Black, who has the right idea.
I think a loss would be the best thing that could happen to the GOP. People always ask: But if the GOP loses, a LIBERAL will be elected; surely a semi-conservative candidate is better. This is patently false, and is surely a matter of selling out for political expediency. There is more to politics and society than the next four years, or ten for that matter.

One merely has to read some conservative writings of the 40's and 50's for confirmation. They realized that a conservative renewal might take as long as 50 (!) years, yet they strove only for a principled canon rather than political expediency. The conservative ascendency we see about us today is the fruit of their labors. Yet what do we do with it? We scratch at the sand in vain, searching for a candiadate that does not offend our sensibilities too greatly. How sad! It is time for conservatives to return to principle. To jettison the fat, whether found in the belly of the State, or the minds of those in the GOP. A few years of reflective thought outside the walls of power would do us some good.
I agree with him. Republicans should spend a few years and maybe decades out of power, and I hope that his dream and mine comes to pass.

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