Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I don't have much to say about this

But I did think I would point it out. Townhall, very conservative site, very pro-America, has an article today designed specifically to promote investing in foreign lands, written by Lynn O'Shaughnessy.
There are two excellent reasons why you should add a dash of international picante to your portfolios. By doing so, you can potentially enhance your returns, while at the same time reduce the sort of harrowing, unpredictable market volatility that too often triggers investor stampedes into bank lobbies for the safety of CDs.

If you stick with a buy-America investing approach, you're betting all your chips on one roulette number. And often, you won't fare as well as you might expect.
I don't have much to actually say about this article. Actually I think the advice is reasonably sound. But it's just wierd that this would show up as an editorial article at Townhall.

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