Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Non Religious Jews don't have the Right to Criticize Israel

Or that seems to be the point to Ben Shapiro's latest article.
Identity as a Jew is important in this debate only when that identity means a binding tie to the Jewish nation as a whole and to the God that bound that nation together at Sinai.
So young Ben's jewishness is relevant because he is a believer and because he has the right opinion on Israel (i.e. Israel has the right to do whatever it wants to defend itself, without regard to civilian casualties or common sense). If a Jew does not agree with the right opinion on Israel, he must be a self-hating non-believing Jew.

Young Ben isn't much for nuance, so I guess I can see where he might have a hard time conceptionalizing a person who wishes Israel well, but also wishes they would make smart and humane choices.

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