Thursday, July 06, 2006

Grab Bag

A few interesting stories I'd like to point to.

First up, interesting information on former Christian Coalition leader and current candidate for governor in Georgia (if memory serves), from Garrison Kiellor.
The facts are fairly simple. Mr. Reed left the Christian Coalition in 1997 as it was sinking, and he was paid by Jack Abramoff to organize opposition to a gambling bill in the Texas Legislature, which would have opened the door to competition for Mr. Abramoff's client casinos in Louisiana. So Reed got the good Christians of Texas ("We have over 50 pastors mobilized, with a total membership in those churches of over 40,000 -- that includes Second Baptist, which has 12,000 members," he reported breathlessly) to bombard the Legislature with phone calls and letters denouncing gambling, for which Mr. Reed was paid millions of dollars in gambling money, by way of Abramoff's bagman, Grover Norquist.
So that's nice.

Incidentally if any body wants to pay me money to command my minions (by which I mean anybody who has even glanced at this website) to stay away from your competitor, I will be happy to take that money. I won't do it, of course. But I'll take the money.

Secondly, Ann Coulter is apparently in trouble for plagiarism. Or closer to being in trouble than she has been in the past. We'll have to see how this pans out.

Finally, you might check out this Tom Tomorrow Cartoon. Very funny and accurate. And it uses the word Blog-O-Fascist (although it uses the archaic spelling Blogofascist).

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