Sunday, July 23, 2006

More on McCain

Kathryn Jean Lopez has written another article on McCain and Guiliani's chances in the 2008 election. She seems to think it's between the two of them right now, and she handicaps each one's strengths and weaknesses, which is interesting in itself. But, as with the Weyrich article earlier this week, it's the comments that really hold my interest.

I'm getting the impression that some Republicans really don't like McCain.
Instead of a bear or corocdile, how about some flesh-eating bacteria? Makes for a lower and more painful death, which is about what McCain deserves at this point.
And who says Republicans are nasty.
When McCain was campaigning for Pres, there was no way I was going to vote for him then! He is scary! His time as a POW tweaked him in a way that I don't think he can overcome.
Yeah, I think the Bush Administration might have done too good a job painting McCain; some of them still take that kind of stuff seriously.

Here's the bottom line.
McCain for President?

I wouldn't vote for the man under any circumstances, and the same goes double for Guiliani. Both are much too liberal, and squishy on retaining the Bill of Rights for this retired Naval Officer.

If the Republicans don't come up with a better alternative in 2008, this voter will have to vote Libertarian or Reform.

Neither McCain nor Giuliani will get my vote. I'll stay home in November if the GOP serves up that mess.
Anyway kind of heartening - of course if 2006 goes poorly for Republicans, they may get a bit more pragmatic.

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