Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More on History and Marrying Your Cousin

These stories don't go together, but one involves a link and the other doesn't so I jammed them together.

One of the problems with critiques of how history is taught is that they inevitably contain critiques of America. That is because History has been taught with America coming off overwhelmingly positively. In this false narrative, America always does good or tries to do good. So in order to present a more accurate and factual version of American History, we necessarily have to be more negative.

By the same token, if American History were taught as Conservatives imagine, with America as the villain at all times, well, people fighting for a more accurate version of American History would look a bit like pollyannas.

None of this means that Historians who want to teach the betrayal of Guatemala, for example, hate America or want to teach American history as a succession of failures. It means they want a picture of America that includes both the highs and the lows.

On the lighter side John Stossel has written an article in favor of marrying your cousin (should you want to). I think it's intended as a mockery of the Gay Marriage debate; if so, it's not very convincing. Particularly since even his townhall readers don't seem to get the joke.

I particularly like this enlightened response.
TTSSYF writes:
The latest fad...

This is simply the latest fad, following polygamy, that is meant to innur us to Third World practices and have us more accepting of Third World immigration.
Thank you, world traveler, for shedding light on the cousin-marrying ways of the Third World.

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