Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who is the real enemy?

Well the Treason Times, of course. Or such is the argument David Limbaugh puts forward in his latest article. It's an interesting argument, but steeped in the ideological mindset. Ideology helps one to see in black and white; not shades. So for David Limbaugh, President Bush and Vice President Cheney can't be focused on increasing the power of the Executive because they are focused on getting the terrorists.
To say that Bush has been aggressive in the war on terror as a means to gaining more power for himself and not to defeat the terrorist threat is shockingly paranoid. And there's more. The Times cites a piece by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker describing how this grandiose Bush scheme to usurp power from the other two branches of government "grew out of Vice President Dick Cheney's long and deeply held conviction that the real lesson of Watergate and the later Iran-contra debacle was that the president needed more power and that Congress and the courts should get out of the way. To a disturbing degree, the horror of 9/11 became an excuse to take up this cause behind the shield of Americans' deep insecurity."
I'm not sure David Limbaugh has ever heard of killing two birds with one stone. It's entirely possible that President Bush wants to defeat the terrorists and expand the power of the Executive. And one justifies the other. He can't protect us effectively if he has to watch out for little nit picks like the separation of powers or the rule of law.

And it's "shockingly paranoid" to note this. And possibly also treasonous.

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