Saturday, July 29, 2006

Horses Head Memories

There's another article on community reactions to the horse's head. Gail Soro remains convinced the motivation for this act was political. Her fellow committee members, Republicans, apparently see it as more likely a prank, although they subtly suggested that even if it was politically motivated, she may have brought it on her self.
Town Supervisor John Razzano, a Republican, said he hopes a culprit is found. He doesn't see the incident as political, says town officials work well together, and it may have resulted from Soro's approach. "She invites some verbal confrontation and things," he said, "but nothing she does justifies this."
At any rate, they don't know who did it yet; so it's possible that this is just an incredibly offensive prank or something more personal. We'll find out.

In completely unrelated news, check out this reaction to an article by Mark M. Alexander on the Republicans chances to hold on to the House this fall.
Omega writes:

What's wrong?

The inability of our Republican leaders on down to see the democrats as genuine enemies and their desire to instill tyranny. I guess you could compare it to the way the dems think of Al kaida, if you you just talk to them they'll change their ways and become friends. I view the democratic party as those who would destroy our nation for the sake of power over others' hopes and dreams. They must be destroyed at all costs! This IS a fight to the death....Let's Roll!!!
Not that there is necessarily any connection between this sort of mentality and putting a horses head in a local Democrats pool.

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