Tuesday, May 24, 2005

U2 News

In all this talk of Senate Compromises and what not, it's easy to forget there is other news out there. And here it is; U2 is thinking of rerecording Pop. According to Bono, "There is still talk about the band going back in and fixing ‘Pop’, actually going in because the bones of a great album are there. It didn't communicate the way it was intended to. It became a niche record. That's not what it was intended to be. If we'd just had another month, we could have finished it."

This is good news, as Pop has some brilliant songs on it, including "Discotheque," "If God Will Send his Angels," "Playboy Mansion," "Do You Feel Loved?," and the staggeringly brilliant "Please." Plus some others that might have been great if they had been cleaned up a little.

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