Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pay no Attention to the Terrorist Behind the Curtain

This is the theme of John Tierny's latest article. Or to put it another way, since Suicide Bombings are so routine, should we really be focusing on them?

No, that's really his argument.
Everyone rubbernecks at car accidents; cable news ratings soar when there's a natural disaster or a heinous murder. But how much shock value or mystery is there anymore to suicide bombings?

How intrigued are people by murders when the motive, the weapon and the murderer's fate are never in doubt?

I suspect the public would welcome a respite from gore, . . .
Interesting arguement. I'm sure they would appreciate it. Leave more time to focus on runaway brides and runaway pop stars. And the fact that some of the victims are United States Soldiers probably isn't all that relevant.

I'm not impressed with Tierny yet, although I also take issue with Media Matters for America which has suggested that having John Tierny and David Brooks on the editorial page is overkill. While they have somewhat similar views, Tierny, while wrong, is not yet a nitwit.

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