Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Jewish Radio Host has advice for Jews.

Edited to add: I am sorry - I got Dennis Prager confused with another talk show host, and mistakenly thought he was Christian.

Not sure how to react to this article, so just going to report what Dennis Prager says.

He argues that the religious Jews are also likely to be the most insular; while those Jews who care about public issues are likely to be secular.

The bottom line is that the less Jewish a Jew is, the more he is likely to feel he has a mission to humanity, and the more Jewish he is, the less likely he is to feel such a mission.

This is a tragedy of immeasurable proportions. It is tragic for humanity because the people who brought the Bible and its Ten Commandments to the world are often the most active in seeking its removal from the world. It is tragic for the Jews because Jews who abandon Judaism and substitute leftist values for Jewish ones (or equate them, which is the same thing) work against Jewish survival. And the Jews who do practice Judaism and are oblivious to any mission to humanity render Judaism irrelevant.

The Jews' mission is as it always has been -- to bring the world to ethical monotheism. Ethical monotheism means there is one God and therefore one moral standard that He has revealed, and He holds all humans accountable to it. This is the point of Jewish chosenness.

Sorry to have screwed this story up.

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