Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Making Progress

From yesterdays Press Briefing by Scott McClellen.
Yesterday, these judicial nominees that the Senate is now moving forward on were being blocked. These are nominees that have waited for a number of years to receive an up or down vote, and now they're going to get one. We consider that to be real progress and so we're pleased that the Senate is moving forward on these judicial nominees.

. . . But the fact that they're moving forward on these nominees who have waited for years is positive. And that is progress.

. . . He [President Bush, natch] considers it to be real progress, and I think any way you look at it, it is.

. . . I think it's a sign of real progress.

Q Are you going to use the word "victory"? I mean, that's the term everybody is looking at. Is it a victory or is it not a victory?

MR. McCLELLAN: It's real progress that they're moving forward on these nominees. I mean, that's the way I would describe it.

. . . And there has been progress made.
Can you guess what word popped up on Mr. McClellens Word of the Day Toilet Paper?

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