Saturday, May 14, 2005

Meet Me in St. Louis - Am I in synch?

Just went to a very interesting session on copyright law. A lot of it was on fair use which I was more or less in agreement with their take on it. Sense my shtick involves taking other people's articles and critiquing them, it would be hard for me to be against Fair Use. If you want to see art that does push the boundaries of fair use, check out the Illegal Art exhibit.

Then they got to online file sharing, and Victor Navasky of the Nation (who's name I may or may not be spelling correctly) asked my question, which was, what about artists rights? It's all well enough to suggest that the change is inevitable, and that big corporations are greedy bums (both of which may be true, by the way). But how do music artist continue to make money? Well, some of the little guys might do a lot better was the answer, and the point was argued somewhat convincingly.

But then what about big movies / tv shows? A guy can make an album in his garage - can a guy really make an episode of the Simpsons in his garage? Unfortunately they focused on the music industry, so didn't get an answer to that question.

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