Monday, May 23, 2005

Robert Novak keeps his Eye on the Ball

Specifically his latest article underlines what this whole shebang is about, the Supreme Court.
Senators droned on last week, supposedly debating two female nominees for the U.S. appellate bench, but it was a sham. The real issue was the future makeup of the Supreme Court, which explains the audacious Democratic strategy of blocking President Bush's choices for lower courts.
Fair enough, up to a point. But Novaks need, financially, to portray Republicans as heroic and Democrats as evil bastards does trip up his analysis. For example, he basically assumes that the only reason for opposition to Priscilla Owens and Janice Rogers Brown (and the others) is a strategy to scare President Bush when the actual nominees come up. He also argues that Democrats and Republicans aren't really listening to each other because Democrats make arguments which the Republicans debunk. And then the Democrats repeat those same arguments. But he doesn't note that the same thing happens in reverse (presumably because in his partisan addled mind Democrats never refute anything Republicans say.

Oh and if situations were reversed, is there any doubt that Congressional republicans would be doing all of this and more?

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