Saturday, May 14, 2005

Meet Me in St. Louis - Talking On Camera

Well here is the semi big news I mentioned earlier. Got an opportunity to appear in a film on new media opportunities representing the fine and noble art of Blogging. I stood up and, after the nice lady from Indy Media told me to tuck in my shirt, I did my duty. The Documentary did not seem to be from Indymedia, but they were helping out doing legwork at the conference. Anyway it was an interesting experience in waiting around, which was fine. And then I was asked my opinion on what I do and all. I plugged the Liberal Coalition and my own blog, and stated that I am not a journalist.

Which is true. I'm a commentator. I don't want Brit Humes job, I want Bill O'Rielly's. Doesn't mean I'm not interested in facts or in finding out what's going on, because of course I am. But I'm not going to do the legwork that real reporters have to do. Instead I'm doing synthesizing, taking information from various sources, mixing it up in my brain, and putting it here.

It's also an interesting study in the Gong Show phenomenon. The Gong Show was one of the first TV programs to show that people would do stupid things not for money but just for an opportunity to get on Television. Sort of a breakthrough. Now I'm not saying what I did was stupid (although I don't really understand why they wanted me to dress up as Officer Krupke), but I could have been a bit more careful about finding out what the score was (who this person was and all). But with the cameras around I just sort of went along with it. Kind of disturbing in a way.

Anyway the big keynote event (involving Patti Smith and Al Franken) is about to start and I want to take a 15 minute nap, so I'm done talking to you for now.

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