Saturday, May 14, 2005

Meet me In St. Louis - Asking Questions

I'd just like to say to all those who might attend conferences and workshops and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Please do not think a microphone and an opportunity to use it means you should make a speech. Presumably if anybody wanted you to express your opinion or sell your organization, you would be up on the stand. So my advice is to stand up, ask your question, and sit down. If you can't do that, at least be brief.

Oh, and also ask a simple question. Don't ask a question that requires three hours to answer and don't ask a question that requires them to do the whole presentation over from the start.

Also people should be less judgemental. Like me, you see how easy going I am, I would never attack someone just for asking a question in a way that annoys me, for example.

And never be a hypocrite!

But I could be wrong.

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