Saturday, May 14, 2005

Meet Me in St. Louis - the Booths

There were two sessions yesterday afternoon - I attended the 2-3:30 Session (on the victories we have gained, which I will report on in more detail anon), but the 4-5:30 hour I decided to wander around the city of St. Louis like an idiot for a while. So that was fun. But before wandering the city (without my camera, so double idiot), I wandered around the area where a bunch of people had set up little booths on activism and stuff.

I saw a lot of interesting things, some of which I will talk about now and some of which I will talk about later and some of which I will forget to talk about - but they were all interesting. I talked to two guys who were interested in popularizing short wave radio use, as an alternative to low band FM. This would enable people to stay in communication with each other and, really, with the whole world. A progressive voice on Short Wave radio could certainly reach other countries, because it bounces of the atmosphere (the ionosphere to be precise), as this picture illustrates.

Anyway it's a good alternative to low band width FM which progressives are also interested in using. Here is a website connected to the project.

I also picked up a magazine with this picture on the front.

That poster, to me, is just goofy. I don't know if there is some connecting between people praying and Diebold. Is it suggesting that we liberals are dips if we just pray and assume that our elections will be run fairly? Or are those prayers the religious right who don't have to worry about losing elections because Diebolds got their backs?

Or is it just a vague attempt to shock by connecting a famous picture of people praying with Diebold? The message is unclear. I'm sure the artist might defend it by saying he's trying to provoke thought (sort of a catch all defense), but does it really provoke such thought from his readers? Or do most of them look at it, nod their heads knowingly, and move on? Hard to say.

Anyway more later, almost certainly.

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