Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ben Shapiro Boy Prognosticator Sees All

Ben's latest article is on the Right to Privacy, which, unsurprisingly, he is against. Most prognosticators are, as their special gifts usually violate people's privacy. And, as it turns out, God also violates any "right to privacy."
That's because the basic thrust of biblical religion -- the system of morality the founders and citizens of the time understood to be the basis for all rights and concurrent obligations -- cuts directly against such a "right to privacy." The idea of an omniscient God opposes the idea of personal privacy. Whatever we do, from the marital bedroom to the kitchen to the workplace, is God's business.
I do see one small flaw in this argument; the Government is not God. Let's read on.
Of course, government is not God. But American morality rests on the notion that citizens may choose to reflect broad Judeo-Christian values through their elected representatives, as long as those values do not establish a particular religion as paramount.
Interesting. So Judeo Christian values may be enforced as laws so long as they do not outlaw other religions? I guess we need to get serious about deciding what Judeo Christian values actually are.

For example, one wonders if charity is a Judeo Christian value, and if, therefore, it's ok to allow the Government to enforce it.

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