Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ignorance is Strength

Or so the old saying goes. But is it true? Well on movies you generally see really strong guys who are also kind of, well, dumb. Take the incredible Hulk. Or Mr. Incredible (despite having a big heart, it's clear who the thinkers are in that family). So does ignorance make one more physically strong? To test this theory, read this article by Herman Cain, and see if you feel any stronger.

Admittedly Cain does reference the same saying, but he means it to apply to ignorance that Democrats are spreading about President Bush's plan to save Social Security. But right there is his first little nugget of ignorance. President Bush has steadfastly refused to put forward his plan. He's parceled nuggets here and there (most notably in his Press Conference a couple of weeks ago). But a proposal has not yet been put forward.

Mr. Cain also ignores the Social Security Trust Fund, denigrates the offer of a compromise by Democrats, suggests that earnings can be passed onto heirs (the versions of the plan I've seen require you to buy an annuity with your savings to provide an income for the rest of your days, which is non-transferable), and condemns Democrats for not having a plan of their own. The last one is traditional Conservative strategy right now, and it's total crap. But you already know that.

Anyway I was going to ask if you felt any stronger, but it occurs to me you've been reading me, not the actual article. So do you feel any less strong?

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