Sunday, May 15, 2005

Meet Me in St. Louis - New Quote, New Format

As I do every week, I have a new format and a new quotes page.

I am now back at home. Last night was the big keynote event, involving Al Franken, Patti Smith, Davey D, and others. Davey D in particular I found very persuasive. And Patti Smith performed 5 songs and they were very good.

Today while I was catching my airplane, I saw Patti Smith in the airport. I immediately accosted her to talk about my favorite song of hers (her version of Hey Joe). I could tell how interested she was in my ideas by the way her eyes kept darting back and forth. Apparently she didn't like my scent, so she used a spray to make me smell like Huevos Mexicaines.

I'm just kidding of course. Patti Smith has a right to a private life, so I just noted her presence, smiled, and didn't disturb her. Instead I snuck up and went through her bags. Cause that's the thoughtful kind of guy I am.

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