Monday, May 30, 2005

Rush Limbaugh and the Performing Arts

Salon has an interesting story over on Rush Limbaugh and his coverage of a recent play put on at Harvard. The play is about Abu Ghraib, and Rush Limbaugh characterized it as anti American and nearly treasonous. The story is penned by one of the performers, who used to listen to Rush Limbaugh with her Dad, a long time fan. He's not a fan any more, apparently.

Anyway it's a good article, talking a bit about what Abu Ghraib means.
And to respond to the tragedy, we must first recognize the stories of the victims and perpetrators, some of which are told in the play. We must accept that state-sponsored abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere, not just to prisoners in Iraq.
The one flaw in the article is that they have to pretend to be non-partisan when it is extraodinarily clear that they are pretty partisan. That doesn't mean the message they are sharing isn't true, because it is.

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