Friday, May 20, 2005

Round the Horn - A Double Shot of My Baby's Love

Since I was in St. Louis Last week, I didn't do a "Round the Horn" segment. So let's do a double segment today.

Natalie Davis' All Facts and Opinions has done a recent redesign, and it looks quite good.

And Then . . . talks about going on a political hiatus and the state of the political nation.

bloggg has some news on how kids with disabilities might get a better break in Pennsylvania.

Bark Bark Woof Woof writes about the theory that Democrats should let the Republicans trigger the nuclear option (and then live with the consequences).

Corrente has an overview on how triggering the Nuclear option would work.

Echidne of the Snakes has some comments on the language of war and politics. She's right.

Edwardpig says goodbye to the blog-o-cube (blog-o-sphere is so 2004!). He was a great writer, and I hope that he will find his way back sometime soon.

Happy Furry Puppy Story Time has a post that involves the strange intersection of Grand Ayatollah Uzma Sistani and Twisted Sister.

Iddybud has some thoughts on some unfortunate attacks that Republicans are making on those who oppose their power grab.

LEFT is RIGHT has some thoughts on Senator Lautenburg's invocation of Star Wars on the floor of the Senate.

Pen-Elayne on the Web has the story on Northridges election of Ralph Wiggum to be their new mayor. Sort of.

Musing's Musings is riled up at the right. Not without reason, either.

Respectful of Otters has some very solid words on the Reverend Chan Chandler and his attempt to kick out all the democrats.

rubber hose comments on the disconnect between the news we care about and the news that we don't.

Scrutiny Hooligans has comments on that big phony Zell Miller and his latest book (which features an introduction by Sean Hannity).

Speedkill is, apparently, not a big fan of the Huffington Post so far.

The Invisible Library has some thoughts on Wikepedia, Encarta, Slate, and the Microsoft Corporation.

So there you go. Enjoy!

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