Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Senate Confirmation Hearings

Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson (R) just finished speaking. Apparently this Priscilla Owens is really a lovely person. Her father died on the way back to Korea, which is sad. She helps blind people by giving them dogs, which is good. Democrats do not want to get to know the real Priscilla Owens, which is bad. Let's look and see how this nice, lovely person, upholds consumer protections (from Independent Judiciary).
Read v. Scott Fetzer Co.37 The Kirby Company, a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, required that its distributors sell its product door-to-door, in person, in order to distinguish Kirby from other brands. However, Kirby did not require its distributors to conduct background checks on their door-to-door salespeople, and a Kirby distributor hired Mickey Carter without checking his background. Carter had a history of inappropriate sexual conduct in the workplace and had been fired from his previous job after he was arrested on a charge of indecency with a child. After Carter raped Dena Kristi Read in her home on a purported visit to sell her a vacuum cleaner, Read and her family sued Kirby for negligence. The Texas Supreme Court affirmed the award of $160,000 dollars by a vote of 6-3. Justice Owen joined both dissents, arguing that Kirby should not be held accountable.
Hmmmmm. That doesn't sound very lovely. But maybe I just need to get to know her better.

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