Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Horse Built by Committee

This Modern World has recently opened its blogging doors to additional commentators. One of those commentators, Jack Hitt, made some very cogent points on what the Compromise means for Republican Party.
The other way to view this whole compromise is a struggle between two presidential strategies. Frist is playing to the radical right base—that’s clear. Graham may well be in the running, working a different angle. He has been speaking lately on broad national issues, was in Iowa last year, and has taken more centrist positions on touchy issues such as Abu Ghraib and social security. He may be trying to wage a Clintonian strategy from the right. Or, he may have consulted his polls (or his instincts) and realized that the first Republicans who pull back to the center will be the big winners in 2006 and 2008.
Not sure why Mr. Hitt doesn't mention McCain as a presidential hopeful (which he probably is). On the other hand, pissing off other Republicans isn't a new strategy for McCain.

The last bit of the post, about Trent Lott, is particularly interesting.

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