Saturday, February 05, 2005

Your Weekly Rush

Which I haven't done in a while. But here we go.

Good Old Rush was reacting to the State of the Union this week, which he liked. What he didn't like was the Democrats not applauding President Bush. I mean a few years ago President Clinton suggested investing some of the trust fund in more lucrative investments (of course that was before the bubble burst and Enron). That's obviously exactly the same as starting an expensive program of individual retirement accounts. The Democrats clapped for Clinton and didn't clap for President Bush.

Here's another lie. "there never was a surplus, by the way. It was a projected surplus. It was a paper surplus. It never... Well, you know the story on that." Well no Rush, not exactly, you filthy liar. There is a surplus and it is invested in United States Government Treasuries. You've been telling this lie that there is no surplus for years now--but it is three kinds of BS.

Anyway this is another line of attack on Social Security, suggesting that Clinton wanted to do the same thing that Bush does. But it is at best a half truth. Not even that much I'd say--maybe an eight truth.

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