Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another Postcard from The Monster

Yes, once again flaunting the laws of time and space. I put that into your contract for a reason The Monster. What if you mess up with the laws of cause and in effect to cause, say, our President to be George W. Bush and not that delightful Mr. Kerry? Anyway, here's his latest postcard.

Arrrrghnnn Stofffennnn

Those be monster words of love. Monster in Tangiers in 1895. It be great hear. Monster meet sewer monster behind that grate. She be really sweet and figure out way to make hair out of swamp grass. And how to make fire out of swamp gas. She be wonderful.

If that person who no tells truth, Bryant, would provide gazelles I could woo her properly, but monster not holding monsters breath. Although monster can hold breath a lot longer than puny humans.

Monster done writing. Go back to female monsters liar. Monster say goodbye!
Also as previously mentioned here is the latest Quotes Page. Enjoy.

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