Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ben Shapiro Boy Prognosticator Laughs Hysterically

Yep Ben Shapiro is laughing like the Joker on ecstasy as he writes his latest article, called "It's the Democratic party, they can cry if they want to." In it, in between horrific gales of laughter, he writes about how the Democrats are a bunch of crybabies.

For example there's this section, written while Ben was laughing in a way you would really find disturbing. "Somebody call the waaaambulance. Realizing that they're losing the political battle, the Democrats have fallen back on their last resort: weeping." Ben was laughing so hard during that section milk shot out of his nose in a truly disgusting manner.

And if that wasn't enough hideous merriment for you, take this section. "Today's Democratic leaders only remember Clinton's tears, and think they can get away with avoiding legitimate charges by turning on the water works. They'd do well to remember Edmund Muskie, the prospective 1972 Democratic presidential candidate, who fell out of the race because he supposedly shed a few tears after the media ripped his wife. He had a good reason to cry, and he still lost." Ha ha ha ha ha you'd hear Shapiro said as he jammed the knife in, laughing like the Hobgoblin after he became an evil demonic monster in the Inferno Storyline.

How do I know that Ben Shapiro is laughing like the devil himself? I don't. But if Ben Shapiro can claim that the Democrats are crying all the time (when in fact they are simply defending themselves) I can claim that he's laughing hysterically. If he's actually got evidence that Democratic leaders are shedding real tears, . . . well that'd be different. But if he has, he didn't present it in this article.

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