Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Inspiring Words

Some of you might be a little down, what with conservative triumphalism and the possibility that Alberto Gonzales might be our next Attorney General. Well in the spirit of cheering people up, we'd like to present the inspirational speech Gambit (of the X-Men) made to Dirge (a villian with misery causing powers) in Uncanny X-Men #382 (as written by Chris Claremont).
Dere's sadness in the world, sure. But I choose to see the joy. The miracle is that we live. The responsibility of living is that we try to make the world a little better. Dirge, he don't see dat. Best he figures, I cry, I bury myself so deep in grief I become dead myself. Ain't dat easy, mon brave. I love these people. I love Rogue. I choose t'honor their lives an' what dey mean t' me wit' a celebration. My soul won't ever be lost, Dirge - because now an' always, I choose TO LAUGH!
Thanks to The X-Axis, without whom these inspiring words might have been lost.

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