Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tax-Eating Granny

The title of an article by Amity Shlaes is "Break Free from Tax-Eating Granny." Great title. Let's you know exactly where you stand with Ms. Shlaes. Unlike President Bush, she doesn't even to pretend that conservative plans for Social Security won't hurt Seniors.

Of course democrats who point this out are still running dogs. "Still, Social Security privatisation, the 2005 version, is facing serious obstacles. Some are misrepresentations propagated by Mr Dean's more disingenuous allies. Jano Cabrera of the DNC said recently: "We welcome any opportunity to run against Republicans in 2006 after they've cut Social Security benefits and added trillions to the federal deficit." As you know, Privitization will cost trillions to implement and will probably include some component of rate cutting. So Jano Cabrera's statement isn't really that disingenuous.

Ms. Shlaes doesn't respond to any of the other criticisms of Privitization, but that's nothing new. Republicans don't have any way to defend their doom-saying and pie in the sky promises, so they respond with attacks on Democrats (Obstructionists being a popular one, as is suggesting that Democrats don't trust the market or individuals. Of course, both of these arguments only come into play if the plan they are putting forward is defensible. It isn't.)).

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