Thursday, February 24, 2005

A New Suit

Well, over at the Daou Report, Salon's review of the Blog-o-sphere (which has yet to reference this site, as far as I know), they have the news from the scourge; lefty blogs suck. Why do they suck? Well the scourge has the answer to that as well.
The answer is simple: Lefty blogging got played out. Liberal blogs are sucking for the same reason their rhetoric sounds so stale. The leftern route to blogfame - outrage, predicting wars, "let's get organized,' vanilla Bush-bashing - has been trammeled and re-trammeled again and again, and now it's paved, lit, and dotted along the way by Starbucks and McDonalds. Conservative blogs are still blazing their trail. The trademark dry n' dismissive style you'll find on Instapundit, Oxblog, Captain's Quarters, Michelle Malkin and others hasn't yet become tiresome to jaded eyes, although it will. The Liberal Outrage blogstyle, on the other hand, has been a painful cliche for a while now.

. . . You heard it here first: Liberal blogging is going to continue to bore until it gets a new suit of clothes. We can see its exposed crotch through the rags it's sporting now, and, well, it isn't a pleasant sight.
Holy Crap! I didn't realize you could see my . . . plumbing through my current set of clothes. Let me go check this out.

No, I just looked in a mirror and all the unpleasant bits (which, in my case, make up 98.6% of the body) are completely covered. Still maybe I should get a new suit.

I'm thinking like a lime green pastel suit, with a big hat. Or maybe very tight triple breasted pinstrip jobber and a fedora. What do you think?

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