Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm having a Hard time Following this

Michelle Malkin, who has argued that America should feel free to consider interment camps for Muslim / Arab Americans, writes a somewhat confusing article today. Writing a brief synopsis may help me figure it out.
Michael Jackson's dad (Joe Jackson) says that Michael Jackson's legal troubles stem from racism. Snoop Dogg is a huge success in America despite being Black and being a less than stellar role model. We need to be more intolerant in America.
OK. Yeah I guess the last two sentences go together. We need to distrust black celebrities more, and be less tolerant of black celebrities when they do things that are immoral or wrong (such as getting plastic surgery or rapping about killing undercover cops (on your first album, over a decade ago).

I guess that must be Ms. Malkin's point, since she only found black celebrities to pick on. I mean I guess the actions of, say, Madonna or Justin Timberlake aren't worth watching. I'm surprised she didn't add Armstrong Williams to the mix. After all he is black persona and he let us down too.

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