Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stock Tip

Here's a stock tip for those of you interested in the market. Muskrat Bob's Discount Mattress Safari (MBODMS). As you know there is a lot of talk about a Social Security Crisis right now, based on the theory that investing the Social Security Trust Fund in United States Treasury Bonds is pretty much the same thing as pissing it away.

Well we can't let this situation go on forever. And if money isn't safe in United States Treasuries, where will it be safe? I think I has the solution, as Mr. Homestar Runner would say. Mattresses. For keeping money safe, nothing works better (now that we can't trust United States Securities). I foresee that within three or four years the Social Security Trustees will be buying thousands of mattresses.

Plus think about the individual market. When these economic doom-sayers convince the American Public that Treasury Bonds are worthless, don't you think they will want their own mattresses? Now you might argue that many of them already own mattresses. But here's a clue, Sherlock. Sleeping on money is uncomfortable (particularly coin money).

Sorry for the hostility in that last paragraph, but I'm just totally convinced that if you all buy mattress stock, my mattress stock will rise in value.

Oh and I'm not serious, and I don't even know if MBODMS is real stock symbol, and if it is I have no way of knowing whether or not they are any good.

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