Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hey Europe

I know you are thinking American Conservatives might be warming up to you, what with President Bush calling Pommes Frites "French Fries" and all. But for a taste of what American Conservatives really think of "Old Europe," check out this opening paragraph from an article at the American Spectator.
The BBC calls it President Bush's "charm offensive." Off to EUnuch-land for a week of conciliation, the President is doing his best to heal the rifts that divide us from our traditional NATO allies. The problem nations, better known to our readers as the Axis of Weasels, are greeting Mr. Bush with profusions of smiles and hugs while they go about sharpening shivs to stick in his back. Is it really worth the effort for the President to even try?
So, you know, I wouldn't expect much.

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