Thursday, February 10, 2005

Post Card from the Monster

Just got a letter from the Monster who is off this week on a trip to the island of Maui in the Pacific Ocean. He sent a letter and a photo, so for those interested here it is. If you aren't interested then please send $5.00 and a self addressed stamped envelope to NOT INTERESTED, 123 Fake Stree, Your Town, FX, 00002.

And here's his letter.
Dear Readers.

Arghhahhooga ahhhghhsnnnik arrrummmsttttaaakk

That is how a monster roars! I say to all my fans, arrrooghhhaaa.

I say to Jonah Goldberg bah! Him not respect the monster way. Monsters not evil. Monsters just rambunctious.

Monster say Maui nice. Me eat several lizards.

Monster say goodbye.

The Monster
we may hear from the monster as he continues his journey, although getting through customs when you are a monster isn't all that easy, so who knows.

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