Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Why do the Democrats have to keep being the Democrats

Continuing on with our theme of Conservative Commentators advising Liberals, let's turn to Star Parker's latest.
Going forward, it seems to me that the Democratic Party has two options. One is to concede that Bush is correct that our goal must be to continue on the path of advancing freedom and personal responsibility, and to contend with him about details on how best to achieve this. Or, they can reject the premise that freedom and personal responsibility are our goals and continue to promote more government.
Well I am for Personal Accountability and Freedom. I suspect many Democrats are (except in those cases where Personal Accountability is code for screwing the poor).

Take Iraq for example. We invaded that country because we were told by the CIA and by the Administration that Iraq contained weapons of Mass Destruction and was a clear threat to the United States. It turns out that statement is false. Someone should be held accountable for that mistake. Nobody begrudges Iraqis their freedom, but when you are going to spend American Money and American Lives you need more to justify it.

Or take Social Security for another. It's clear that many Republicans and Conservatives feel as you do, Ms. Parker. Social Security is a bad program and should be eliminated. That said, most of your colleagues don't have the same willingness to attack it directly. Instead we have this double talk about wanting to save Social Security while really working to destroy it. I think your colleagues should be held accountable for this double talk.

At any rate this is the same offer Conservatives have been making for years. Support our programs and we will let you change a word or two (although the total thrust of the program won't change in the slightest). It's not surprising that most Democrats prefer not to accept this offer.

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