Monday, February 14, 2005

The Blog-O-Sphere

This is the subject of Michael Barone's latest article, although he uses the more traditional (and more boring) blogosphere. Anyway his thesis is that the left blogosphere gives power to people full of hate and the right blogosphere is going to take down the Mainstream Media. And both are good for Republicans.

There now you don't have to read the article. You should thank me.

He brings up the Daily Kos scandal from April of last year. Here's my post on that subject. I don't see much need to change or update it.

I always find it amusing that when Liberals criticize / disagree with / mock / attack President Bush that is indicative of a deep rooted irrational hatred, but the Right Wings obsession over Clinton (4 years out of office and they still bring him up at every opportunity) apparently isn't.

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