Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your Weekly Rush - Obama Wants America to Fail

Yeah - Limbaugh just got back from vacation, and he's still pretty upset.
It's really not even a question of wanting Obama to fail. He has failed, not the way I wanted him to fail. He succeeded in his mind. He has succeeded. This is my whole point. This is a man with a chip on his shoulder. This is a man who seeks to get even. He apologized for this country again on this latest trip. He said, "We had nothing to do with the Cold War. We had nothing to do with anything, no, no, no." He's out there apologizing and I believe this man has as his intention to cut this country down to size, and that's why I think he chose Sonia Sotomayor.

I think we've got people here who have a deep resentment of this country. He's into transfer and redistribution of wealth and to do that he has to take wealth from somebody, and he's taking wealth from those who have produced it and created it, and he's going to transfer it to those who can't.
He was more clear on this today, when I was listening to him driving around at lunch. Obama wants this country miserable, so he can punish it with liberal programs.

Maybe Limbaugh should go back on vacation.

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Dan Coyle said...

So like Roger L. Simon, Limbaugh has the ability to read Obama's mind.