Thursday, July 02, 2009

News From the Past - July 2, 1929

This story is from the Lethbridge Herald, out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Banker Kidnapped
But Makes Escape

NUTLEY N.J. July 2—Reappearing as mysteriously as he disappeared last Wednesday, Willard H. Elliott Passaic banker walked into the Nutley police station early this morning and told of his having been kidnapped and held captive by three men. Except tor a several days growth of beard, the missing banker appearred none the worse for his experience. He said no threats had been made by his captors nor any ransom demanded, and could assign no reason for his abduction.
After telling his story to tho police and telephoning Joan J. Roegner president cf the Hobart Trust Company where he was vice-president and treasurer, he left for his home in East Orange. He later declined to talk to newspapermen who telephoned there. He said last night he started drinking with his captors, and when they became drunk, managed to get away.
Yeah this is almost a companion to yesterdays story; except it seems like the Banker might not be telling the truth which would, parodoxically, make it a lot less interesting story.

I am curious as to how the newspapers knew about him drinking with his captors if he refused to talk to them. Maybe they are psychic.

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